Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact the GROW doTERRA support team by clicking on the email address:

When is the program?
The program runs from 1st July to 31st August 2023 MST.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
Wellness Advocates with a pin rank of Consultant to Platinum.

What is the qualification period for me to get my persoanl enrolment/s?
1 May – 31 May 2023 MST

What are the qualification requirements?
Qualifications for Consultant to Premier

  • Pin Rank of Consultant to Premier Leader as of May 2023
  • 1 x personal enrolment with 100PV+ enrolment order in May 2023*

Qualifications for Silver to Platinum

  • Pin Rank of Silver to Platinum Leader as of May 2023
  • 2 x personal enrolments with 100PV+ enrolment order in May 2023*

*The May qualifying enrolments must live in Australia or New Zealand and open an Australian or New Zealand account. Enrolment orders can only be made using the Australian or New Zealand warehouses. Enrolees cannot have an existing account with dōTERRA®.


What am I aiming to achieve each month?
To unlock rewards and bonuses, you will need to personally enrol as follows:
Consultant to Premier:

  • TWO Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers each with a single enrolment order of 100PV+.

Silver to Platinum:

  • FOUR Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers each with a single enrolment order of 100PV+.


What do I get if I achieve my monthly enrolment goal?
If a participant meets the monthly qualifying enrolment requirements, they will receive:
Consultant to Premier

  • TWO Personal Enrolments of 100PV+ = $50AUD/NZD
  • Stretch Goal of FOUR Personal Enrolments of 100PV+ = $150AUD/NZD

Silver to Platinum:

  • FOUR Personal Enrolments of 100PV+ = $100AUD/NZD
  • Stretch Goal of SIX Personal Enrolments of 100PV+ = $250AUD/NZD


What is a stretch goal?
The stretch goal is to encourage you to push a little bit further, and unlock a great cash bonus that month if you are successful!

If I enrol someone with 50 PV, can they do a top up order in the same month to count as a GROW enrolment?
Unfortunately, no. All enrolments need to be a single order of 100 PV+ enrolment to qualify.

What if I don’t meet the enrolment goal
If you don’t meet your enrolment goal, that’s ok! GROW is a 2-month commitment to learn, share and empower. However if you do not meet the enrolment goal you will not receive your bonus for that month, and you will no longer be eligible for graduation bonuses. You can still earn the enrolment bonus in the following month. You will be able to continue as part of the GROW family (i.e you will still be able to access the Facebook page, GROW TeamApp and have access with your mentor and Account Manager for the full 60 days of the GROW program).

How do my new enrolments get the free incentive oils?
When you enter your enrolments through the GROW portal it will automatically add the applicable free oil/s once you add the enrolment kit or products. The incentive oil/s are only applicable for qualifying enrolments.

How do I enter my enrolments
For your enrolments to qualify you for your monthly bonuses as well as to add to your Sourcing Trip points, you must enter their enrolment via the special GROW enrolment portal. You will receive the link to the portal when your application is approved.

What happens if my enrolment does not go through the portal?
Please connect with our GROW Team, as each month there are exceptions that you can apply for, for your enrolments to count towards your monthly requirements and overall sourcing trip points. If your enrolment is not put through the portal, the free enrolment incentive oil/s will not be added – once your exception is approved, the GROW team can send it to your enrolee!

Can I enrol someone in another country apart from Australia or New Zealand?
Absolutely you can! However, this enrolment cannot be counted towards your GROW enrolments as this is a mentoring program for AUNZ customers only.

If I reach my monthly goal requirement, when will the monthly bonus be paid?
All bonuses will be paid with your primary bonus on the 15th of the following month MST.

If I successfully graduate from GROW, when will I receive the graduation bonus?
The graduation bonus will be paid with your primary bonus on the 15th of September MST.

Where is the sourcing Trip going to be?
Keep your eyes open in the GROW TeamApp and GROW Facebook page for when we announce the location of the GROW Souring Trip!

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