Your complete tool kit to help you run an essential oil class simply and effectively. The Empowerment Kit is designed with sampling in mind, which is an effective way to create memorable essential oil experiences.

The class has been simplified, making it easier for you to teach and to introduce your participants to essential oils and why they need to incorporate them into their home and daily routines.



  • Home Essentials Class – is a simple one page (back and front!) that helps you share essential oil education more effectively. It comes in a tear off pad with 50 pages.
  • Pack of 50 Booklets which are designed for your class participants. They detail our Starter Packs, what they contain and pricing, and include both the Wellness Advocate Agreement and Wholesale Customer Agreement and price list.
  • Wild Orange essential oil 5mL (10 pack)
  • Wild Orange essential oil sample cards, which you can use to invite people to your event, or share your contact details while whetting their appetite with some Wild Orange information. (10 pack)


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