Byron Twilley

Blue Diamond Byron Twilley shares his Diamond Club participation story

Santoshi Stone

Go for it! Presidential Diamond Santoshi Stone recommends that you take Diamond Club step by step! She shares her wisdom in this video.

Nicholas Fairbairn

Diamond Leader Nicholas Fairbairn has completed Diamond Club twice. He shares the specific skills he gained during his Diamond Club experiences in this video.

Jess White

2018 Grand Prize winner and Platinum leader Jess White talks all things Diamond Club! Learn how she went from being a one man band to a “Von Trapp doTERRA family,” and why she recommends “choosing your own Diamond Club adventure.”

Jodi Naylor

Make Diamond Club part of your annual business plan! Presidential Diamond Jodi Naylor talks about her Diamond Club experiences and how her second Diamond Club season was where she really reaped benefits of growing and developing her leaders.

Dream Big – then Dream Bigger. Diamond Club takes you there.

Double Diamond Leaders Paul and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Oven’s dreams for your Diamond Club adventure will inspire you! This video is full of inspirational messages, as well as practical advice.

Amy Innes

Connecting with your people is key to a long term sustainable business.’Blue Diamond Amy Innes shares how Diamond Club transformed her business, developed her leadership skills and how sponsoring her team continues to cement her relationships

Adheesh Piel

Presidential Diamond Adheesh Piel likens Diamond Club sponsoring to hitting the jackpot! Learn more about why Adheesh loves to sponsor his team.

Alice Nicholls

Presidential Diamond Alice Nicholls shares her sponsoring experience, and how supporting her participants deepened her connection with her team and led to new friendships

Jessie Reimers

Say YES every single time!” Double Diamond leader Jessie Reimers is passionate about supporting people in Diamond Club as a Diamond Club Sponsor. She explains why in this short video.

Tara Bliss

Not sure how to ask someone to sponsor you? Presidential Diamond leader Tara Bliss shares how to find the right sponsor for your Diamond Club adventure, and how you can prepare for the “Will you sponsor me?” conversation.

Tara Bliss

Presidential Diamond leader Tara Bliss is a huge advocate for being a Diamond Club sponsor. She shares her thoughts on why you should sponsor, and how to provide support.

Paul & Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens

Not sure what sponsoring really involves? Double Diamond Leaders Paul and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens explain how it works, and why investing in Diamond Club has been the largest return on investment in their dōTERRA business.

Jodi Naylor

Don’t turn anyone away! Presidential Diamond Jodi Naylor sponsored 20+ people in 2018 and finds joy in seeing her leaders thrive in Diamond Club. Jodi shares how she supports her Diamond Club participants and why she always says yes to sponsoring.

Operation Preparation!

Diamond Leader Natalie Sanderson shares details strategies that will prepare you, your team and your family for Diamond Club. Definitely one to watch!

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Diamond Leader Natalie Cutler-Welsh shares her hints & tips for Diamond Club preparation and qualification.

Kim Reid

Presidential Diamond Kim Reid loves celebrating and recognising success with her team! How will you celebrate? Kim has some wonderful ideas for you!

Kim Reid

I want you to be unstoppable. Presidential Diamond Kim Reid dreams big, sets big goals and takes big actions! In this video she shares why planning your Diamond Club dreams is absolutely essential for your success.

Emma Lawler

Platinum Leader Emma Lawler was a 2018 Diamond Club 2 nd Prize winner. In this video she shares how she connects with her hosts for Diamond Club success

Chele Tindall

Diamond Leader Chele Tindall completed Diamond Club without any local upline support. Watch this video as she shares her experience on how to secure sponsorship and what she did during Diamond Club to stay focused and organised

Byron Twilley

Blue Diamond Byron Twilley understands the importance of partner support during Diamond Club. Watch as he shares his strategies on how to get your partner on board, and gives examples of how they can help you.

Alison Bartolo

Practical tips for a great class! Diamond leader and Diamond Club 2017 3rd Prize winner Alison Bartolo shares how she prepares for her classes.

Amy Innes

Practical tips for your Diamond Club Preparation with Blue Diamond Amy Innes

Sam & Tim Cannell

share how family support is essential for your Diamond Club success

LRP is your business!

Diamond Leader, Alison Bartolo shows you why

Finishing Strong

Kira Fischer

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