Set yourself up for Diamond Club Success!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What do you think is the number one thing that previous Diamond Club participants recommend you do?  

They recommend you PREPARE and PLAN for your Diamond Club season! We know, that sounds like hard work and not much fun….  So here are some questions to stimulate your thinking, and some information to get you started.


Support at home

Once you have decided that you are ready to do Diamond Club, make sure to sit down with your family/support system.  A four month period of extreme activity will impact on your world. Sit everyone down and explain what doing Diamond Club will mean: traveling, the absences, the interruptions for phone calls…  And explain how this will benefit them in the long term: the growth, the potential increased income. 

  • How will you prepare your family for your Diamond Club season?
  • What are the benefits for them?
  • What support will you need at home? 
  • How can you get them involved and excited about Diamond Club?
  • What can you put in place now to alleviate  
  • Although you may be traveling alone, you will never be doing Diamond Club alone. Those closest to you need to be actively involved in making the decision to do Diamond Club. You will need the support of your immediate family/support system to accomplish what you’re about to do.


What follow up systems do you have in place to ensure that your Diamond Club Enrolees have the best start to their doTERRA journey?

  • How will you keep connected with your Diamond Club enrolees?  
  • How will you keep up with your Diamond Club administration? 



Qualification requirements

  • The qualification requirements for Diamond Club 2019 were:
  • Rank as Premier or above in December 2018
  • Secure at least one, and no more than three Sponsors from your upline who are willing to sponsor and pay for Diamond Club participation
  • Nominate at least one Sponsor who agrees to provide mentoring and support, as well as financial investment
  • Personally enrol at least 3 new WA or WC with 100PV initial orders during December 2018
  • Have at least 10 people in your organisation place 100+PV LRP orders in December 2018.  These 10 WAs must be within your personal downline organisation and may not be used by other Diamond Club Applicants to qualify for Diamond Club.  
    • 5 of these orders must be in one Out of Area focus location (at least 100km one way from your home)
    • 5 of these orders must be in your local area (within 100km from your home)

2020 qualifications can be subject to change.

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