Click here to download a detailed Diamond Club 2023 outline.
Qualification time is between 1 December 2022 – 14 January 2023 MST. Applications close on 21 January 2023 MST.
If you have a Pin Rank of Premier to Platinum, and you achieve Diamond Club 2023 Qualifications, you will be able to participate in the 2023 season.
You need to have ten (10) Wellness Advocates on your team who process Loyalty Reward orders over 100PV+ in the qualification month.
You need to secure at least TWO (2) Mentoring Sponsor to be part of Diamond Club 2023. You can nominate up to FOUR (4) Sponsors in total.
Sponsors are Diamond and Above Wellness Advocates who are willing to help financially support and train/mentor participants to be successful in the program and in building their team toward their next rank advancement. The Sponsor must be a Diamond and Above Leader in your direct upline.
Once a Sponsor is approved, they will be sent an automated link to access the Diamond Club Website to track their participants.
Diamond Club 2023 commences at 12:00am 1 March 2023 – and finishes at 11:59pm 31 May 2023. Please note that this is MST.
Each month, you will need to achieve the following:
  • A minimum of SIX personally enroled Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers each with a single enrolment order of 100PV+.
  • A minimum of EIGHT downline enrolments of Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers each with a single enrolment order of 100PV+.
  • All Enrolments must be processed through the Diamond Club Portal.
  • All Enrolments must be registered as an attendee on the Diamond Club Website within 48 hours of the event/class ending.
  • Must hold a minimum of THREE events/classes each month (online or face to face). (Please refer to the Additional Terms and Conditions section for further information).
In Diamond Club 2023, we will be implementing an 80:20 rule!
Please see the Participant Terms and Conditions (Enrolment Section) for further information.
Yes - Diamond Club’s purpose is for Leaders to implement effective duplication models for new and emerging sharers to follow, to create the habits that have proven successful!
Participants must hold a minimum of THREE events/classes each month. See the Events/ Classes Section of the Terms and Conditions for more information.
Yes, there are! Qualifying Diamond Club enrolees will receive the free Diamond Club Incentive Oil/s of the month.


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