Adventure Awaits

Tanya Maidment


All it took was one drop of Peppermint in a glass of water for Tanya Maidment to fall in love with doTERRA. “I had no idea that essential oils could be so powerful,” she says. She had experience with several direct selling companies and had always known that it was a great business model, but she had never found a product she truly loved, or a company that inspired her.

Within a week of receiving her first products, Tanya found herself involved in the business because her friends all wanted to learn more about the oils. She already had a healthy living business, and saw that the oils would fit well with that. She says, “I saw that it was an opportunity to work from home, follow my dreams, live my passion, and change lives.”

Though she had never been a good salesperson before, sharing doTERRA came easily for her. Tanya says, “I genuinely want to help people. I believe that when people experience the oils for themselves and realize how powerful they are, then the oils speak for themselves. I can then guide people on getting started with sincerity and a realistic assessment of the likely results.”

Her husband supported her as she grew her business because he saw how important it was to her. Tanya says, “He doesn’t let me get away with excuses. He’s very good at making sure that I keep focused on the important things.” As she has grown her business, she has realized the importance of delegating and making sure that she uses her time wisely. “Communicating with your spouse is critical so that you can both agree on each other’s strengths for supporting and growing your business.”

Tanya made the goal to reach Diamond because of the life it would provide for her family. She says, “I also wanted to inspire others to live healthy, sustainable, and abundant lives.” She has learned the importance of pressing forward, even on bad days. “Remember why you started sharing these oils. Be patient and listen to your intuition.”

Since starting her doTERRA business, Tanya’s life has been filled with love. She says, “I love what I do now. I love teaching people about the many benefits of essential oils and how they can help us live our passion and purpose. I have met the most amazing people, heard the most inspiring stories, and seen lives transform.” Her family now has the financial freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives. She says, “I’m so excited for what the future holds and the adventures that are coming our way.”

“Concentrate on serving others, but always put yourself and your family first.”

Teaching a Strong Class

Condense information.

“Keep it short and simple. Too much information can be overwhelming for people who are new to essential oils.”

Simplify the message.

"Concentrate on a few take-home messages and let their interest grow organically with encouragement where appropriate.”

Share the business.

“Briefly mention the business and the benefits of sharing the oils, and let people know that it’s really simple to get started with their wholesale account.”

Spend individual time.

“Spending time with each person at the end of the class to help them choose what’s best for them is critical. Make sure you have plenty of time left for this.”

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